Community Garden at Cherrywood Apartments

After the unpredictable weather and frigid temperatures of the winter months, many folks can’t wait to enjoy the sun and fun during spring, summer, and early fall. One of the most welcome activities and hobbies during these seasons is gardening. Yet, most apartment residents don’t have access to gardens, so they make do with houseplants or a small herb garden on a patio or kitchen windowsill. Not wanting our residents to miss out on one of their favorite outdoor activities and hobbies, Cherrywood features a common ground community garden for planting and growing your own flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

As interest and demand for an apartment for rent with a garden grows, Cherrywood is happy to offer our residents the opportunity to practice or hone their planting and cultivating skills with their own little plot of land. Along with the lovely garden space, residents also have access to all of the necessary garden tools and never have to worry about watering their plants and flowers thanks to our automatic watering system. All of these great perks are available to all residents at no additional cost. Check out our floor plans and availability today.

We offer this unique amenity to our residents to help them get the most out of their lives while they call Cherrywood home. There are so many great benefits of renting an apartment with a garden – and we want all Cherrywood residents to experience every one of them.

Relaxing While Gardening

Spending time outside, soaking up sunshine that’s rich with vitamin D, and breathing in fresh air is a perfect recipe for quieting the mind, relieving stress, and relaxing after a busy day or week. Plus, you get the chance to meet your neighbors and make new friends.


Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or first-time gardener, you realize that tending the soil, planting seeds, and cultivating your flowers and vegetables until they’re in full bloom or ripe for the picking, are among some of the most rewarding experiences. When you look at a colorful flower bed or pick the vegetables for your dinner, you’ll feel so much pride in accomplishing such a rewarding goal.

Healthy & Delicious

As if helping you feel more relaxed and rewarded weren’t beneficial enough, using a common ground garden to grow your own vegetables and herbs helps you eat a more healthy – and delicious – diet. Whether you’re snacking on a lightly salted slice of tomato, slicing crisp carrots for a salad, or adding herbs to your favorite dish, you’re doing your body good (not to mention saving money on your next grocery shopping trip).

Contact Cherrywood to Learn More

At Cherrywood, you’ll not only find an apartment for rent with a garden and other great amenities – you’ll also discover a community ripe with friendly neighbors and staff who are dedicated to enjoying every minute of their time together. Contact our leasing office at Cherrywood today to learn more about our available opportunities.