Enjoy Cherrywood’s Own Dog Park

We’re always looking for ways to improve our quality of life. For many, that means sharing their lives with a four-legged friend. Spending quality time with your pets is something you’ll want to consider when it’s time to choose an apartment. You may not have even thought to specifically search for “apartments with a dog park,” but ask your canine companion what he thinks of the idea. You may just discover who the real decision-maker in the family is!

Healthy Lifestyle

Korman Residential at Cherrywood also features the Woof Woof Club dog park for residents with four-legged family members. The private, off-leash dog park is a great place to bond with your dog or let your furry friend make furry friends of his own. Run with your dog, or sit and enjoy the moment while Fido runs and plays. You and your dog both need exercise and friendships, and having on-site access to a dog park is a unique way to promote a healthy lifestyle for the whole family, not just the two-legged ones.

When you think of a healthy routine, you can also consider Cherrywood’s on-site fitness center as well as the seasonal Bike Share program. Of course, there’s also the swimming pool (complete with free Wi-Fi). Grow your own vegetables and herbs in the Common Ground Community garden, and stroll the beautiful grounds as often as you like.

Save Time

There may be plenty of other dog parks near Cherrywood’s Clementon, NJ neighborhood, but first you have to find them and make time to actually go. You may be able to make this happen every once in a while, but probably not as often as you or your pup would like to. Time with your dog shouldn’t be something you have to squeeze into the calendar. Our apartments with dog park access mean you don’t have to plan far in advance. In the time it would take you to take your pup for a nice walk, you can instead hit up the Woof Woof Club and give him the kind of freedom and workout he craves. Call up the neighbor and meet up for a chat while the “kids” run and play. Throw the ball around, practice some tricks, or just enjoy a freestyle romp. Take all the time you have without having to factor in the time it takes to drive there.

With so many different apartment communities out there touting similar amenities, finding which one suits you and your family the best can quickly become an overwhelming task. Cherrywood has some excellent apartment and community features to make you feel comfortable and cared for, but being one of only a few apartments with dog park access is one very important way Cherrywood sets the standard for being pet-friendly.

If Korman Residential at Cherrywood sounds like the kind of pet-friendly apartment community you can see yourself in, call today for details on how to take the next step!

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